ISOM is concerned with the developing and training of leaders for the ministry.

ISOM (International School of Ministry) is the world’s largest DVD Bible School.

ISOM is the internationally-recognized name for the International School of Ministry® which is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than 17,000 training sites in 145 nations. This is a primarily church-based video Bible school covering Associates, Bachelors and Masters level training.


In order to make the implementation of the International Curriculum® as simple as possible, we divided it up into a systematic, five-trimester training program. If three hours of material are covered each week, each trimester takes roughly 12 weeks to complete. At this pace, the entire five trimesters takes about a year and a half to finish.

Each video course has accompanying notes. The notes contain a written overview of the video content, group discussion ideas, homework assignments and exams. The International Curriculum® in this structure is called the International School Of Ministry® (ISOM).

Trimester 1  

  • Foundations of the Faith
  • Supernatural Living
  • New Testament Survey
  • Praise and Worship – Fear of the Lord

Trimester 2

  • Power of Prayer
  • Ministry of Helps
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Essence of the Gospel
  • Jesus Our Healer Today – Living by Faith

Trimester 3

  • Introduction
  • Church-Based Training
  • Cell Growth & Principle of 12
  • Power Evangelism
  • Leader’s Integrity
  • Leadership Vision
  • Church Planting
  • Being Led by the Spirit
  • How to Give an Altar Call

Trimester 4  

  • Wilderness Mentalities
  • Developing Leaders
  • Cell Group Leaders
  • Reconciliation
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Authority & Forgiveness
  • Spiritual Breakthrough

Trimester 5  

  • Christ Connection
  • Living to Give
  • Biblical Eldership
  • Reaching a New Generation
  • Managing for Tomorrow
  • Ministering to Youth

We also offer the Pathway to a Bachelors :  Pathways to a Bachelor Brochure